Types of Healing


Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral therapy, an offshoot of Cranio Osteopathy, is subtle, non-invasive, energetic, hands on, body work.

 When someone experiences  Temporomandibular Joint disorders, emotional trauma, an accident or surgery, the natural, healthy flow of energy  may become stuck or blocked in the body, causing recurring  or referred pain. In this case, the therapist will, with a gentle contact, follow the energetic pattern, allowing it to “unwind” and return to it's optimal clarity, health and balance. 

* Sometimes, when appropriate and as a way of highest benefit I may incorporate some massage.


Shamanic Healing

 Shamanism  is an ancient spiritual practice with the understanding that everything has a spirit and all of life is connected..This approach to healing addresses the spiritual aspect of illness, helping to restore balance and wholeness and is a brilliant salve for the stresses and anxieties of our modern lives.

Some of the Shamanic practices I offer include, 

Soul Retrieval, 

In times of what our psyche perceives as trauma, we may put a bit of  our essence aside for safe keeping, in order to survive the situation.  In psycho analytical terms it is known as Dissociation.  Soul Retrieval is a way of returning one's essence in order to be more present and vital in one's life

Energetic Clearing. 

We may have been given or picked up energies along our path that are not ours and it is healthier and more beneficial for us to clear those energies so we have more capacity for our own vitality.    


Power Retrieval. 

Sometimes our power is taken from us or somewhere along the line we give it away. This is an opportunity to retrieve it, helping us to be stronger and clearer in our lives.

Compassionate De possession. 

Sometimes other energies can attach to us like hitch hikers ,and it is beneficial to both parties to separate, for the highest good of each individual.  

Energetic House Clearing.

Houses need regular cleaning on a physical as well as energetic level.  

Over time energy can become stagnant, forming patterns from a sort of emotional residue. It is a wonderful practice to shift and or clear the energy from time to time. 

House and Land Blessings are a wonderful way to honor the spirit of the land and those who have gone before, as well as present occupants and those who will come after, consciously bringing good wishes and blessings for all involved.


About Valerie

I think of myself as United Nations.

I grew up in Alabama and my first introduction into spirituality was through the lens of Catholicism. 

During my teens I was introduced to expanded thinking around life and the after life through books by Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Robert Monroe, and  Brian Weiss.  

I have always felt a strong heart connection to Native American culture and healing. 

In 1987 I moved to London  where the doors were blown open with possibilities of spiritual awakening, and I began to receive some semi formal guidance on healing.

A Huge heart connection and pathway was opened through Miracle of Love, by Ram Dass. 1001 stories about Neem Karoli Baba.

A couple of other big influences were, Autobiography of a Yogi, as well as Wallace Black Elk, The Sacred Ways of A Lakota, and the amazing series by Carlos Castaneda.

 My physical path into alternative healing began in London in 1991 exploring Past Life Regression, and Extraction Healing with Denise Linn, followed by  Massage at The Churchill Centre.

Later I moved to California, where I re-trained and got my California  license for Massage and Cranio Sacral Therapy, attending The Massage School of Santa Monica, and, Life Energy Institute for Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Further Cranio training with The Milne Institute for Visionary Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Next, Somatic Trauma Release, with Sharon Porter, Sound Healing, with  John Beaulieu, and Shamanic Healing, beginning with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, with Michael Harner for  Shamanic Journeying and Amanda Folger for Death and Dying, followed by 2 year Wheel of Life training, Compassionate De possession, and Mediumship training  with Betsy Bergstrom. Next, Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, Healing With Spiritual Light, Death and Dying, and 2 year Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman , becomming part of the Global Shamanic Teachers and Practitioners group

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Sessions usually run 90 minutes and I ask that space is given before and after for integration and highest benefit.

I LOVE this work  and this way of relating to all of life.  

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Cranio Sacral Therapy, Massage, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Energy Clearing, House Clearing

Classes and Gatherings

I am mostly teaching one on one Shamanic classes and small groups.

I also hold Shamanic Journey evenings and Alternative healing gatherings periodically.

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